‘RSVP Records will offer opportunities to a select few exceptional artists that might not have a chance in the manufactured music industry of today. A solid roster of impeccable music for those lovers of words, family, friends, and children who want to hear the music throughout the day and in the darkness of night. RSVP will serve as a conduit for some of the best kept secrets in our extended music community, with goal of filling the airwaves with a much needed uplifting sound at the highest level of musicality as we go through these tough times.’ (Robert Searight)

Ropeadope is an independent record label known for unique recordings that cross genres. Founded in 1999, the label has released over 160 recordings, with historically progressive albums from an impressive roster of artists including King Britt, John Medeski, Col. Bruce Hampton, Christian McBride, Snarky Puppy, and Christian Scott.  The label has been at the forefront of the new music business, tailoring a new model of artist support and unique social media strategies. Ropeadope is a hub for artist driven INTERdependent label imprints Mashibeats, Jellowstone Records, Tribo Records, FNBeats Galore, Atlanta Records, Prince Polo Records, RSVP, and Ropeadope Sur. 

‘In our role as a connecting force in the independent music business, we have the great pleasure of working with the most enlightened, dedicated, and progressive minds on the planet. Robert ‘Sput’ Searight is at the top of that list; a close look at the man and every project he touches reveals his true intent and positive, life affirming power and his intimate humility in the process. We are humbled, honored, and empowered by his addition to our growing network.’ (Louis Marks)