King’s List is a tribute to the life and legacy of MLK Jr., a freedom preacher who enjoyed performances by iconic musicians during the Civil Rights Movement.  The album is a collection of spirituals and anthems reimagined to connect audiences of all ages to the memory of Dr. King and the treasure of freedom for all humanity.

'February is the month designated for the celebration of the contributions of African Americans to society.
I especially wanted to pay homage to a great civil rights leader, Dr Martin Luther King Jr. by dedicating a record to him.
I've done a little research to see what music inspired a man so great. 
And in my studies, I found that there were about 25 songs he wanted to hear either in his hotel before he spoke or during the event at which he was scheduled to share.
Of the 25 songs I selected 10 to try and put an updated RSVP touch to it, if you will.
If Dr King were alive today, These songs would definitely be on his playlist.
So please everyone, enjoy the King's List, which include quotes from some musicians of his era and some of my contemporaries, those who are continually impacted by Dr King's dream of unity and the harmony of mankind.' 

Robert 'Sput' Searight




King’s List features a solid roster of Dallas area musicians and special guests. Dallas matriarch and founder of God’s Property Linda Searight, Candy and Peaches West, Snarky Puppy bandmates Mark Lettieri, Corey Henry, Louis Cato and Shaun Martin are all present. Daniel Jones, Phil Lassiter, Cyfa Fix, and more join in. Highlighting these performances are an appearance by the Kids Choir, a glowing reminder of the solid foundation of the Dallas community and their basis of faith and care for each generation - a quality often missing in today’s scattered world. 

Between tracks are spoken word interludes from Terence Blanchard, Kim Burrell, Dennis Chambers, and Rose Mckinney expressing their take on the life and legacy of Dr. King. 

Produced by Terrace Martin and Robert ‘Sput’ Searight, King’s List plays as a poignant tribute, complete with solid performances and relevant voices that speak of the need for Dr. King’s message to endure and resonate. 

 'What's Really Goin On' produced by Robert Sput Searight and Antone Amalbert.



Intro - featuring Tim Ross

01: Balm In Gilead (public domain / Karen Clark arr.)

Drums - Robert "Sput" Searight

Keys - Cory Henry/Robert "Sput" Searight

Gtr - Mike Clowes

Bass - MonoNeon

Bgvs - Rachella Searight 

Lead - Danetra Moore


Dr King

02: The Whole World In His Hands (public domain)

Piano - Linda Searight 

Gtr - Joseph Haynes

Children's Choir - Robert Searight III, Dillon Jones, Cora Stanley, Kobi Stanley, Brianna Jazmine Elise Alexander, Miles Carter, Lalah Carter, Skylar Searight, Tylar Searight, Kennedi Yancy-McClure, Brenton 'Boogie' Lockett, Zadrian Jones


Terrence Blanchard part 1

03: Down By The Riverside - Shaun Martin (public domain)

Drums - Jaelun Williams/Lamont Taylor

Tuba - DeMarcus Walker

Trombones - James Wallace/Malcom Robertson/Antone Amalbert/Gaika James

Trumpets - Willie Roy/Thadeuss Ford/Jarriel Carter/Leo Seanz 

Lead - Shaun Martin

Tambourine/vocals - Robert 'Sput' Searight

Terrence Blanchard part 2


04: Wade in the Water - feat. Candy West/Peaches West aka Chelsea Darling (public domain)

Drums- Robert "Sput" Searight

Bass - A.J. Brown

Gtr - Mark Lettieri 

Keys - Robert 'Sput' Searight

Vocals - Candy West/Chelsea Darling


Dr. King

05: Just A Closer Walk With Thee  (public domain)

Piano - Steve Lewis

Harmonica - Fred Yonnet 

Trumpet - Phil Lassiter 

Bgvs - The Searights


Dennis Chambers

06: Gotta Make 100 - feat Doobie Powell

Drums - Robert 'Sput' Searight

Bass - Darryl Freeman

Gtr - Tim Mole 

Keys - Robert 'Sput' Searight

Rhodes - H. Doobie Powell

Lead - H. Doobie Powell

Bgvs - Jennifer Williams

Sax - Keith Anderson

Choir - Eric Birdine & The Messengers


Kim Burrell

07: Lift Every Voice featuring Nathan Deshon Myers

Vocal - Nathan Deshon Myers

Orchestra - Arts Magnet  Orchestral Ensemble

Conductor - Roy Cotton


08: Joshua Fit The Battle (public domain)

Piano - Monya Logan

Vocals - New Arts Six

Percussions- Robert 'Sput' Searight

Upright Bass - Robert 'Sput' Searight

Lead - Linda Searight 


Prudence The Auset Sneed

09: What's Really Goin On? (Marvin Gaye / Arr. by Robert 'Sput' Searight)

Bass - Louis Cato

Guitar - Chris Payton

Drums - Calvin Rodgers

Keys - Stanley Glenn

Vocals - B. Slade

Rhodes/moog -Nigel Hall


Dennis Chambers

10: Young Gifted and Black (Weldon Irvine / Donny Hathaway arr.)

Drums - Lamont Taylor

Bass - A.J. Brown

Guitar - Eric Walls

Organ - Daniel Jones

Aux Keys - Daniel Jones

Rhodes and Piano - Robert 'Sput' Searight

Lead - Tommye Young-West


Dr King

11: Change Gone Come (Sam Cooke)

Drums - Robert 'Sput' Searight

Bass & Gtrs -Jairus 'J Mo' Mozee

Whirly - Robert 'Sput' Searight

Organ - Mike Bereal

Lead - Keite Young


Dr King

12: When A Black Man's Blue (Duke Ellington / Arranged by Robert 'Sput' Searight)

Drums - Robert 'Sput' Searight

Bass - MonoNeon

Sax - Shelly Carroll

Gtr - Allen Cato

Keys - Robert 'Sput' Searight

Vocals - Rachella Searight

Rap - Cyfa Fix


Outro - Rose McKinney